The Driver Family of Beer, Devon, England

Name List

No Surname, [<], A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,


Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent






[COASTGUARD] BLACKMORE, John Bartlett CrossS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1813, Beer, Devon, England chr. 24 Oct 1813, Beer, Devon, England died 2 Jun 1876, Newton Abbot, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] BLACKMORE, William BartlettS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1818, Beer, Devon, England chr. 7 Jun 1818, Beer, Devon, England died Sep 1880, Axminster, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] BUGDEN, ThomasS born 1816 died Jun 1849, Wimborne, Dorset, England
[COASTGUARD] DRIVER, Abraham RichardS,S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1817, Beer, Devon, England chr. 23 Mar 1817, Beer, Devon, England died 6 Oct 1892, Seaton, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] DRIVER, Henry StrangmanS,C,C,P,P born 1816 died Jun 1845, Lewes, Sussex, England
[COASTGUARD] DRIVER, JohnS,S,C,C,P,P,P,P born 1803, Beer, Devon, England chr. 22 Jan 1804, Beer, Devon, England died Mar 1890, Fareham, Hampshire, England
[COASTGUARD] DRIVER, WilliamS,S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P born 20 Apr 1786, Beer, Devon, England chr. 24 Apr 1786, Beer, Devon, England died 21 Dec 1862, West Teignmouth, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Edith AliceC,C born 1905, Torquay, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Edward JohnC,C born 1909, Hallsands, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Frederick GeorgeC,C born 1904, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Hilda Ethel MayC,C born 1908, Bolt Head, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, John ThomasS,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1870, Corscombe, Dorset, England or Corsham, Wiltshire, England died Sep 1952, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Lillian BessieC,C born 1902, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Thomas DonaldC,C born 1901, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
[COASTGUARD] SHEPPARD, Violet AnnieC,C born 1899, Devonport, Devon, England
[COASTGUARD] TIDDY, JohnS,P,P born 1787, Maker, Exeter, Devon, England died Bef 1861, Maker, Exeter, Devon, England

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Last updated 28 May 2013