bullet The Shipley Family from Bristol, England
Now getting so big it's become preposterous, so I've begun to split the main families out into separate trees. So, for up-to-date research on the Driver family see below. There's still some Driver information in this tree, but don't take it as gospel! The Shipley info is still up-to-date though.....
bullet The Driver Family from Beer, Devon My Driver ancestors from Beer in Devon, England. Now separated from the 'Shipley' tree as it was getting too big and unmanageable. All my latest Driver research is included here.
  bullet The Fox Family from London, England The genealogy of the Fox, Beaumont, Botsford and Hawthorn families - my wife's ancestry.

  bullet The Fox and Beaumont Gallery THe Fox and Beaumont Gallery.


He that has no fools, knaves, or beggars in his family must have been begot by a flash of lightning!
Thomas Fuller (1608-61)

Vicars and horse thieves, bakers and bigamists, smugglers and coastguardsmen.......
Rod Shipley (1949- )

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