The Shipley, Millman and Bovendorp Families

Name List

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent






TANNER, EmmaS,S,P,P,P,P,P,P born Sep 1844, Bristol, England died Mar 1926, Bristol, England
TAYLOR, Annie ElizabethS,P,P,P,P born 1849, Exeter, Devon, England
TAYLOR, PatriciaS,P,P,P
TIDDY, JohnS,P,P born 1787, Maker, Exeter, Devon, England died Bef 1861, Maker, Exeter, Devon, England
TIDDY, MaryS,C,C,P,P born 1820, Maker, Exeter, Devon, England
TIDDY, WilliamC,C born 1811, Maker, Exeter, Devon, England
TIMS, IreneC,C born 1904
TIMS, LilianC,C born 1903
TIMS, RobertC,C born 1905
TIMS, William JamesS,P,P,P born 1880
TOOTHILL, ChristineS born 18 Aug 1968, Yorkshire, England
TOVEY, Janet A.S,P,P
TOWNSEND, JaneC,C born Cir 1850, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
TOWNSEND, MariaC,C born Cir 1848, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
TUCKER, MargaretS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1725, Beer, Devon, England
TUCKER, WilliamS,C,C,P born 1691, Beer, Devon, England chr. 21 Sep 1691, Beer, Devon, England died 1743, Kilmington, Devon, England bur. 11 Nov 1743, Kilmington, Devon, England
TUCKER, WilliamS,P born 1663, Westwater, Devon, England died 1733, Kilmington, Devon, England bur. 15 Mar 1732/33, Kilmington, Devon, England
TURNALL, ElizabethS,P,P,P,P born 1780, Great Bowden, Leicestershire, England died 3 Mar 1837, Great Bowden, Leicestershire, England bur. Mar 1837, Great Bowden, Leicestershire, England
TURNER, DavidS,P,P born 5 Dec 1938, Ashburton, Devon, England
TURNER, MylesC,C born 24 Dec 1995, Exeter, Devon, England
TURNER, NormaS born Cir 1945
TURNER, SarahS,S,C,C,P,P,P born 17 Jun 1963, Bristol, England
TURNER, SimonS,C,C,P born 1965, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
TUTCHER, Dora Hilda A. L.S,P,P,P born 5 Apr 1892, Shrewsbury, England died 30 Jul 1991

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Last updated 3 October 2012